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Digital photography exploded when it emerged on the scene. No longer did you have to anticipate whether or not your captured memories turned out okay. No longer did you have to take two, three or more shots of the same subject in hopes that at least one would turn out.  No longer did you have to wait days for your pictures to be developed, or worse yet, pay double or sometimes even triple to have them the same day. Now you could see immediately what you shot and retake if necessary.


A lot has changed over the years, more advanced features and filters, higher resolutions and more photo editing and effects to apply to your photos . . . the possibilities for one photo are endless.


If you are like me, you may have taken some photographs which weren't good enough by your own standards to place in a photo album, email to friends and family or upload on the internet. Yet for some odd reason you couldn't bring yourself to delete them.


Recently I went back and revisited some old photographs I had taken some years ago, when not only the quality of the digital photo wasn't so great but neither was the quality of the photographer. This is something great to do when weather conditions are not permitting yet you still want to work on your photography.


I am using Picnik for editing purposes since most of what they offer is free and accessible to everyone.  Also most of what they offer at Picnik are features included with most photo editing software programs.


I had some over and under exposed shots.  Many times the auto fix feature on most programs takes care of this problem, sometimes you may have to tweak the exposure and temperature settings manually.  If those all fail, sometimes converting the pix to a simple b & w or sepia does the trick.


Example:  Auto Correct

Example:  Convert to B & W

Example:  Warming Filter


I had shots that had too much sky or ground and not focused in enough on the subject.  A simple solution is to crop the image but if it is an older image, chances are this will make it about the size of a postage stamp. Another option it to try various filters such as Focal B & W, Focal Soften and Focal Zoom that distracts the eyes away from the outer edges and focuses them upon the subject.




I had others that the camera angle was off, apparently I lean. Using the rotate feature you can adjust the angle to be center in most cases which may require a little amount of cropping.  Or you can totally adjust the angle for a different prospective, be creative.




I had other shots that were just flat, as in boring. Several adjustments can be made. Apply an HDR filter or even Posterize for a different look. Set the image to black & white and recolor back certain aspects. Still not happy with it? Try applying more than one filter.


Example: B & W Recolor

Example: B & W Recolor


I had some poorly focused shots, which sometimes don't display that way in the tiny LCD screen and you don't realize it until you pull it up on a larger computer screen. Although it won't look too much like a photo when you are done, you can apply a series of filters to achieve a look.  For this I am using Be Funky instead of Picnik, since they offer more of the artistic effects.




I had some shots, luckily not my big old thumb or finger in the way but a smudge on the lens that went unnoticed.  Applied B & W, recolored and made vibrant to try an conceal.  A softening filter can also help hide a smudge.




The point being, don't give up - even those old, rejected photos can be one of your proudest achievements.


If you have any techniques to share, please pass them along. :)

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Comment by sorabh on February 5, 2012 at 5:30am

Cool, Do you have any good links on how to achieve effects for different tools? I still feel very intimidated using GIMP..I need to spend more time learning these..:) thanks as always

Comment by Deborah on February 5, 2012 at 4:06am

Hey Sorabh, I use various free editing software too. :)

Comment by sorabh on February 4, 2012 at 3:45pm

interesting post..I am all new to this and especially post editing..and using free GIMP..thanks for sharing this wonderful info..

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