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On Friday April 2 2010 I was walking my dog and heard the beaver splashing around. I didn't think anything of it at the time as he is always in this area. I went home and forgot all about it.

On Saturday I took my dog for a walk again and saw a beaver sitting on the side of a brook right beside the road and took his picture. I came home and told my husband that I thought he was either sick or was hit by a car because he didn't try to get away while I was there with my dog. My husband went to investigate and couldn't locate the beaver so we just thought he had left. End of story? No.

On Easter Sunday I was out with my dog once again and saw the beaver still back in the same place so I took more pictures. In these shots you can see he is caught in a trap. His hind leg looks badly damaged and the poor animal was not looking very good.

My husband and I went back down and tried to release the beaver from the trap but were unable to as you apparently need a special tool to open this type of trap.

We called the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Humaine Society and the OPP. They were able to find a vet who could help but unable to find a way to get the beaver to her.

We got permission to cut the anchour wire holding the trap in place and with the help of a local farmer we pulled the beaver with the trap still attatched, out of the water and got him into a cage we got from a neighbour.

We met the OPP and the vet half way to her clinic where she took him.

He was sedated and another trapper had to go to the vets clinic to remove the trap.

The beavers leg looked really badly damaged and the vet (Kristy) was worried that they might have to amputate it. Kristy stayed with the beaver, giving up her family Easter dinner to watch over him. Her whole family packed up there holiday meal and took it to her clinic so the beaver wouldn't be left unattended.When they xrayed his leg the next morning, after some of the swelling went down they found no broken bones at all.

He needed some stitches to fix his cuts and they gave him some antibiotics to ward off any infections. We were given the ok to release the beaver back into the wild on Monday April 5.

I was there with my camera for the whole process snapping shots off all the way. This story made the news on tv and when we watched the broadcast I was thrilled to see that they used 3 of my photos in the story.

Be aware of where you walk and where your children or pets play.

The person that set this trap left it in a spot that people walk and pets and children like to explore the creek banks. The beaver was caught in this trap and just left there for 3 days before we realized it was in trouble. They never came back to check on the trap.

This could have been my dog or a neighbours child that stepped in this trap. It was only about 4 feet away from the side of the road and it was anchoured to an old tree stump. We needed bolt cutters to get it free, so the animal could be removed to the vets. It was set on private property without the land owners permission or knowledge and was not marked in any way to warn people that it was there.

To see the newcast you can go to and access newswatch_beaversaved.wmv It aired on Monday April 5 2010

The photo of the cage being lifted out of the car, The beaver in the little brook swimming away and the one of the beaver diving under water are my shots.

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Comment by deer whisperer on April 10, 2010 at 6:37am
Julie ~ I know you didn't do it for fame or glory , that in itself makes all the more special . Its quite obvious that you have a very kind heart , especially for animals !! I work for a wildlife agency and its not very often that someone come to the aid of an animal . Your to be commended in your thoughtful actions . A big thanks also for the vet that took the time ( on easter) to do something so kind for the beaver .... you folks are very special in my book !! THANKS AGAIN !!
Comment by Julie Cannons on April 8, 2010 at 11:13pm
Thank you for your nice comments everyone, but,I didn't help the beaver or post this story for any fame or glory or anything like that. I felt helping the beaver was just the right thing to do. After I realized he had been trapped there for 3 days, I could not just walk away.
I posted the story about it to make people aware of watching where they step.
The place the trap was set is in a spot that I could have easily stepped in it. I am always wandering around the area in search of wild animmals to photograph. I have taken litterally hundreds of shots of different animals in this spot.
We need to remember to be cautious of our surroundings and step carefully.
Comment by JOAN ARMANDO SANCHEZ on April 8, 2010 at 12:23am
I'm so glad there are still people who care about animals - as for the people who set the trap - don't come around Miami unless you want to deal with an angry - animal activist flip flop smacker Cuban.
Comment by maestro vecchio on April 7, 2010 at 5:41am
Your concerns & efforts are praiseworthy. Way to go!
Comment by Chris Noakes on April 7, 2010 at 3:08am
Good on you... the vet... and everyone involved. Well save the people who laid the trap, they need, well I won't go into details about what should happen to them...

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