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Just an insight for newbies like me

I started photography.... last june :) its almost a year now...I am not really a photographer, I am more of a layout artist and i think its a blessing in disguise me being photographer..anyway to make the story short...just one photo for a client who wants a passport photo...and the rest was history...i've been taking photos ever since .....the scary part is they only told me how the softbox will look good to the model if you do this and that...and the aperture should be like this...and shutter speed..etc...only the basic needs to start with a studio pictorial... and the rest was....i was left alone...searching the web on how to get good results in photography.... my point is don't rely everything to them who knows....what is best...explore and could ask question...but don't expect to many answers...because they only give you one answer... by'll develop an inner self fulfillment discovering you could develop you're own style by not copying someones style.... and soon you'll find your photos or pictures turns out to be you always want them to be ....i read books sometimes (which i hate it :) )...or search the web on things i don't understand about photography if i don't understand what i've been reading....i ask those who knows...they only give you the basics and never tell the secret..its up to you to look for the answer.

since photography is our new passion....i think we should learn it the not the hard way or the easiest way...but we should learn it by heart and learning it one day at a time don't rush things out .....cause you might missed something along the way... more thing be ready for the comments and criticism whether its good or bad .....take it constructively cause through this we learn. taking photographs is a day to day experience for us, don't be upset if some will tell you they don't like your photo or tell what to do, its part of the process that we should develop getting tips from those who knows . I had some of my photos....get praises and good comments and sometimes they find faults on my photo...after reevaluating it i replay back telling them you're right.... about the photo....and tell them i should have done that... and thanked them for the comment and i am glad i found this site, cause there are some who give comments and criticism which i think would benefit me at the end ....
(p.s. dont mind my grammar..i only know the basic english langauge).

its 1:22 am now and im still awake my doctor told me to rest.... hehehehe....have a good day to all...... :)

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Comment by Anna Black on June 5, 2008 at 5:17am
Your English is great - I wish I could write that well in another language! This is a wonderful entry - and very inspiring. It is so easy to get scared, or put too much pressure on yourself - or feel discouraged by how much there is to learn. But really, if we are doing it for OURSELVES and noone else, then we can slow down, look inward and actually have fun!

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