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Well first thank you all for participating i know that around holidays gets complicated to participate in a challenge.^^ And now after "the end of the world" i want to say that i hope that together we can make of thisworld a better, safer and peaceful place to live in. Once a professor in colege said
to me that in history at the verge of catastrophe or of human's society decline people will feel
specialy mortal and that situation has always given "us" contrast... I hope it's true!


Well enough chit chat time is candy! First a theme song

The End - The Doors YouTube


Now the winners...


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Congrats all. Great shots

Congratulations to all!

Hi the great group friends and Angel,

I am so glad to be mentioned. I learned a lot from each of you. Very grateful to join the group. Thank you so much, my dear friends.

:) That's the porpuse of the group  to learn from each other... feel free to ask what ever you want after all we all are learning here :D

Well done all ,thank you for the place Angel....have a great Christmas.M

Have a wonderful christmas Michael :)

congrats all !!

Merry Xmas to everyone !!

Merry Christmas  Sandeep :D

Thanks Angel and a hearty congratulation to Gabriel,Fumi,Michael and Sorabh.Great job everybody.Now i am bit confused abt the next challenge.I know everybody will be busy with Christmas so obviously that affects the participation.Now i am thinking to post next challenge on 26th just dont know whether I can do that or not.Need help guys!!!Will ask the same with Tracy in the Daily challenge comment wall.

Saurabh you can make a holiday challenge... about food, arrangements, portrait things like that :D

Yes Angel that was in my mind actually that only i thought for this challenge,but my only concern is whether people can participate between Christmas..Anyways Happy Christmas Angel and thanks for ur advice..I will post the challenge and hope everything goes well...

Great..challenge and interesting one too..! Thanks for 3rd and congrats to all winners..and happy holidays and merry christmas! Enjoy!


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