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Why Photos are desaturated when upload on our community or Website?

Hi All,

The 1st above photo was saved as JPG in 72ppi and the second photo was saved as PNG 72ppi, they both exactly the same size or pixels. As you can see JPG photo is way desaturated  from PNG in the bottom. Am i doing something wrong with color setting in PS? My color setting in PS is: sRGB IEC61966-2.1. Event though i changed the color setting, they both still look different. Anyone of you having this problem as i am now?

I am hoping our master will help me with this!

Thank you! Have a good THANKS GIVING & X-MAS!!!

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Did you convert for web in PS?
Hi Talor,
Yes i did convert the JPG for web in PS, But i have no idea why it desaturates my photos. I am so frustrating!
They both look the same to me. Perhaps it is something to do with your monitor settings. Have you tried making a print using sRGB as the color space. I am not an expert in colour management but from what I understand if one of the devices in your workflow uses a different colour space such as AdobeRGB it will mess things up so if you are looking to output sRGB then you need to make sure that all the display devices (camera, monitor, browser, printer) are all using the same CS.

There is a ton of stuff on the internet about Colour Management
I must admit that I can hardly see any difference either.
I forgot to mention that i had my monitor calibrated from then i start seeing the different saving both files. Would it be because of what i've done to if calibrating my monitor?
Yes , I only noticed the difference after reading Baz feedback.. But before I did not notice it.

Very little. And on printing it will be different too. !!
I don´t see any difference at all on my monitor.

Funny when people see a desaturation on the lower picture as it is supposed to be the contrary according to the OP...
I wouldn´t even bother about it, everyone has a different monitor, so will see something different anyway.
on my monitor, the top picture is just a tiny bit darker.
Hmmm.. but on my laptop, yes i can see a huge different! PNG file looks more saturated of sky and reflection, both look more in red but not JPG file. I just want to make sure how do you guys save it or convert it as a web in JPG or PNG file in PS. Please tell me what are you settings there. Thanks guys!

A PNG is a lossless file, a JPG is a compressed file that eliminates image information each time it is saved. Using that information would say that when we save as a jpg we will more than likely loose some saturation. I still save as jpg, they take up less room. I believe a some of it has to do with our monitors since they are all different. My images even look more saturated on my phone than on my laptop, when I hook my laptop into my big screen HD tv they are intense and much more saturated. On my screen your bottom image has a slight desaturation. Im not sure with you are referring to as 1st or 2nd though. I know the first photo we upload becomes the bottom photo displayed.


Either way.... If you had not placed these images side by side I dont think anyone would have busted you for a desaturated image. Both are exceptionally beautiful.

The two photos on my monitor look the same. Any display device (monitor, phone, tv etc) have their own way of displaying colours on their screen (just look at the tv screens in a electrical store and you will notice different brands look different). Although you have colour management (sRGB, AdobeRGB etc) this only helps standardising pictures amongst hardware that has been calibrated to the world standard configeration. TV's and monitors are only configured to the brand's own factory setting which may be totally different to this. Where I would start first is buy calibration software/hardware which would help you to solve the problem or use free software on the internet ( the bought stuff is usually better then the free ones). Calibrate your monitor. If this does not solve it then try looking at your software preference settings. You may be saving JPEGs with one colour setting and PNGs in another. Also check that when you load the pictures into photoshop that they all have the same colour management setting. Hope this help. Keep shooting.


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