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There are several things that attract our eyes................

composition, color, detail, texture, rule of thirds, whatever the case may be.  Maybe it is the subject matter.  Landscape, portrait, macro, animals or whatever.  But....have you ever paid attention to the title of the piece.  I think titles are important also and merit thought.  But the first thing you look at obviously is the picture.  But how many of you pay attention to the title.

I ask this because sometimes I look at a piece and it does not grab my attention but the title does. And I go back and look at the picture again.  And sometimes I might have missed something small that I did not notice before.  Am I the only one that does this or does anyone else here pays attention to the title of the piece.  Just asking.  Sometimes a title like "Boy and Ball" is perfectly fine.  And I like the tiltle but sometimes a title, using Cowboy as an example "Where is that wench?"  not only is humorful but you can imagine the elk thinking that.  Anyway it is just a thought.

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true Donna, title is important or else we can confuse with the story the picture is trying to tell. the photographer was at the scene, knows the story so it is his/her duty to write something about it otherwise the whole concept may be manipulated.
Thank you for your comment.  When I was an art student we were told to think about the title.  Look at the piece and think of a fitting title to go with your artwork.  And I also think it is important.  Sometimes a piece just automatically has the title spring to mind and at other times when I am at a loss for one I come up with where it was taken.  ex:  Rocky Mountain National Park  except I would say Fall in the Rockies  or  Snow in the Rockies.  That sort of thing.  But I do think that a title sometimes grabs your attention.
to me donna a title is very important to a shot as it can show the viewer what the photographer had in mind in the first place.
Thanks Paul.  EXACTLY my thoughts.  =)
Unless it's a title necessary
lol...............point taken.

Donna, you are right with your senses.

I guess I do the same.

I m very bad at titles for my photographs. I mean ...i mainly click portraits but usually i cant find any suitable title for most of my portraits. is something wrong with me as a photographer?

No.  Nothing wrong with you as a photographer at all. =)    

Sometimes a title might not spring to mind at all.  Then simply "Golden Gate Bridge at Dusk"  or  "Lake Merritt" is fine. "Boy with a Ball".  The last one is how the Dutch painters tiltled their artwork in the 17th century.

Woman baking Bread,  Girl combing her hair.  Very simple titles but easy to remember and recognize.  =)

Donna I think the title is extremely important… in most cases just as important as the picture.  That is why I am somewhat angry with me… capturing so much sometimes, and getting so far ahead in capturing photos that I never get around to labeling them.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that is normally very true but a Title can add an extra dimension.  I always try to add a suitable and sometimes subtle title to my images.
I wholeheartedly agree with your statement.  Sometimes it is the title that catches my eye and I reexamine the photo.  And thanks for the comment.  =)


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