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I am all new to this amazing discovery of world via your camera and I have one simple question: What is easy and best way you use to put your name or watermark on photographs?

Thanks in advance for help


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Hey Sorabh,

If your using Photoshop you can do it through the Type menu. Add a text string over your photo in grey and type/edit your name or logo. Don't forget to copy your shot before applying the text or you may permanently spoil your original! Also, add the copyright symbol through your Word programme. There are other software packages available for not much money, PlumAmazing, Watermarker etc. Happy snapping, don't forget, ITS ALL ABOUT THE IMAGE.




Thanks Colin for detailed reply. Though I am not using PS, I am using GIMP..PS is too expensive for me..I will try  some of yours suggestions. And yes, its all about amazing photographs..

Take Care


If you search the Forum Menu on top for "watermark", you will find hundreds of comments.

Oh yeah..duh, I should have done that..thanks, will do that...!

EVERY photo editing software that I know of allows you to add text to an image.

I use CS5 for most of my editing and PSP x3 for a bit.

This is a link to a video I posted on YouTube a few months ago showing how to watermark your images. There is no need to get a special program to do what you already have a program to do.

Also . To add a copyright symbol in your watermark simply hold down your ALT key and using the number pad (not the numbers above the keyboard) type 0169. (ALT+0169) the result will be © the copyright symbol. Again no need to go to word or any other program.

I actually am a newbie to CS5 and have wanted to design a brush for my 'signature and copyright'..I have tried to look for tutorials but maybe Im putting in the wrong keywords as I keep getting tutorials on how to make a stamp..for posting a letter!!!! would you be able to point me in the right direction??

cheers Helen

I agree with the brush Mike and use it myself. I just use the keystrokes above to create a new brush each year for a date change now. 


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