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Morning ladies and gents. Can anyone shed any light please? Tried to upload todays 3 photos and a message came up saying i'd already uploaded todays limit!!!!

Unless i did this in my sleep, at 6.41 when it says i uploaded i was still snuggled under my duvet. Is there a time delay or something? I uploaded my last images last night.



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That's strage... I'm afraid I can only suggest that you change your password. This doesn't appear to be related to time zones, as I see you are also in the UK and the day on the site changes for us in the afternoon. My account still has three uploads remaining today.

I have for 4 days tried to upload photographs, and when i press upload,  the browser just deletes them and i can assure you there is no reason why this is happening as my photoos apply with the regulations, and i sent an email to myshutterspace and i still have no reply from them....Help

i,m confused by the times shown also. i try to stick to uploading at the same time of day e.g. 7 pm. seems ok up till now but have only been on site for a few days.

As I understand it, the site clock is set for Melbourne time.

maybe it's something simple like a time lapse or advance between continents   : )

I have tried for weeks to upload photographs and i am still unable to do so, imgetting sice of this website can some recommend another one, it used to be that you could upload any time of the day three photos and it didn't matter what time of the day in England, its so frustrating


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