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I moved from Wyoming to Colorado and there are so many gorgeous places to take pics but alot, or the majority of them are in isolated places.  That is so unfair.  Most of the time I go alone to take pics and then I find that it is so isolated I am not comfortable being there taking pics.  With all my stuff i certainly couldnt run away from anyone.

My friends dont have time mid-week to take off with me to go take pictures.  So what do you do?

So unfair.  If I were a guy, I wouldnt think about it.  I would just go.  Any suggestions out there?

Am I being paranoid?  What are your views?  And what can I do?

Just a thought.

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I would look into any local photography clubs or groups.  You may find others with the same issue.  We have some ladies in our local group that get together every other month and take off to the mountains etc.  Don't give up.  There is always an answer.  :)  Have fun.

I will and thanks for taking the time to comment on my question,.  I will look into that to.


Not a problem. But the permanent damage thing - if you're already nervous and don't notice somebody coming up on you until last minute and you pray them before realizing they were just coming over to talk (in a secluded area they could just be wondering who was wandering around alone and checking on you) until AFTER you spray, last thing you want to do is blind them for trying to be a nice person. If the spray doesn't work, I shoot. Just my own personal preference. And if you've ever been maced, that really sucks (so many other words I could use here) so macing somebody for no real reason other than your nervous will make you feel horrible.

Put the way you have I agree 100% with you. But I hope you realize soon if this attack is for real or not before it's too late.

Some people are jumpier than others. There's always the chance of making a mistake. It's best to be ready for anything.

Donna get yourself a carry permit.

Thanks.  I will look into that.  I plan to check out all my options.................=)

Where in Colorado are you? My sister lives there and is a fantastic photographer, with a large wolf-dog to bring along :P

I live in Loveland Colorado, close to Ft. Collins and 40 minutes away from Denver.


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