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Please check out a member on this site - Dantes Aj Commedia - as I suspect that a number of his photos have been reproduced from other sources. For example, the Kremlin and Red Square photo appears on 259 separate websites according to Tineye ( and the lake shot has 320 separate website entries. The old man photo has only 3 other entries - but includes one French and one Russian.....I suspect that all is not as it seems.

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.wow.  how would someone (anyone) DARE do that?? (and live w/ themselves)?

i once saw a photo in an online competition where the " blue hills" were lifted straight from windows example images!

he doesn't come up when i search for him -- possibly he's left our site by now?
Actions speak louder than words - looks like he's removed himself from the community.
why would anyone...especially an ass do this????????? just doesn't make sense...hey...if you can't do the photos then why do it at all????????
maybe he does not have a camera after all. he is fishing pics ( and hope for the best) in the webs.

It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round some are worse then others, good job Tressillian.

Damn must have been bored or Robert was!!!!!!! LOL This almost two years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terry To tell the truth I was bored!! LOL

Merry Christmas!!


LoL.............Merry Christmas, Denny.

Damn!!!  what do these people gain from doing such....  broad humiliation.   Good job Tressillian !

some people just like to pretend i guess. it's easy for people to fake being something or someone they are not on the internet without real fear of really being discovered. most times if they actually get caught they just delete and start over again. 


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