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Hi everyone! This is my first post and I was wondering if someone could give me tips on how to shoot great night pics of the sky. I have a Canon T2i, a 50mm lens, 75-300 lens, and a 18-55 lens, tripod, remote, etc. I really want to get good night shots like ones i see of the Milky Way or at least attempt it. Any suggestions on ISO settings, lens, and time? Any feedback would really be appreciated!

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Im guessing your 50mm has the widest aperature guessing f1.8 If Im right start with that it will allow the most light in which will keep your iso low. Set your focus to infinity and Ive been told not to go too much longer than 45seconds even though I have. find a good white balance this is something which is trial and error. Have a little head mounted light to see what you are doing. cover eye piece to you dont get any light bleed. Use your tripod and remote if you have them, your remote will let you go beyound 30seconds if you put your camera in bulb mode.

uriah has given great advice go with that.

Thank you Uriah and Paul for your feedback. I was thinking the 50mm was the best lens to use due to f stop and Im glad you mentioned a low iso because when I googled photo tips online some people suggested a very high iso and then like you, a low iso. I will take your advice for sure and hopefully this week I can get enough free time to do this. Again, thanks!

Tracy thanks for the advice I will def go look at your work too!

Don't you just love the great advice we get here from photographers...I am learning all the time on mss

Same here! I love this site and I love how supportive other photographers are no matter what skill level you are in comparison. Ive learned so much :)

Uriah's advice is as always pretty spot on...

Yes, certainly go for the widest aperture, it will help you shorten the exposure time while still having relatively low ISO. I guess however that you'd like to get a relatively large portion of the sky on your photo as you were talking of the milky way ;) Depending on the widest aperture of your 18-55mm lens, I would probably at least try a few shots at the wide-angle end of it. Your 50mm focal length will in fact correspond to a 85mm in 35mm film terms... which might already be relatively long... but try it out.

Typically, you will want as low as possible ISO to avoid noise (this will depend on your camera, you might be able to go to 800-1600 ISO without too much loss... I wouldn't go any higher.) and as fast as possible shutter speeds to avoid too much blur from the movement of the stars (err... the earth rotation...).

The most important thing however is shooting in an environment clear of "light smog"... if you can't see the Milky Way by yourself, it will be very tricky to shoot it decently... No chance doing this in a city ;)

Sample I've taken in Kruger Natl Park, South Africa (no tripod, just laying down the camera onto the floor)

Taken at 24mm, f/2.8, 52 seconds and ISO-200

set to f/8, the sweet spot on any lens, low iso say 100, tripod,self timer or remote shutter switch go for it.


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