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Does anybody get their monitors calibrated?

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I calibrate my monitor every two weeks.

I purchased a Spyder3Pro from Datacolor and my monitor looks great.

I even calibrated my laptop monitor and it looks so much better.

Paul K

Now you have hit the nail on the head Paul..Members are criticizing other peoples uploads and its their monitor that's wrong. Most people never realiazed that they can calibrate their monitor..Your monitor could be of colour and you import your photo's into programmes like lightroom and start adjusting. Yes they look great now, but that's on your monitor and when other people look at them they are over coloured.



Great Paul K!  Do your printed photos look as good as they do on your monitor?

What I see on the screen is 'almost' spot on when I get the prints back.

I say 'almost' because the local printer I use doesn't always calibrate their printers and I've been told the color varies from day to day.

If something doesn't look right, I just have them re-print.

Here's a 'fun' test to see if you monitor is calibrated...

If you are looking to get the Spyder, I believe this discound still works for 20% off anything from Datacolor - loyalspyder

Paul K

wow that's some test mate, it gets the pupils and the brain working..haha...thanks for that
all you really have to do is follow the instructions that are in the manual for setting up your monitor.  its usually very close

True, a lot of things work really well if your read the instructions.

The nice thing about using a hardware monitor calibration device, is it takes the guess work out of calibrating your monitor and you will get more consistant results.

Monitors and LCDs change over time and it is much easier to calibrate for these changes using a piece of hardware.

I never calibrated my displays until I got one that I just could not get the colors right. No matter what I did, the colors looked awful. That's when I got my Spyder3Pro, it is so much easier and faster to calibrate a display now. I even bought the add-on software to calibrate my TV.


I use a Huey Pro version 1.0.5. and let it adjust my monitor at 1 minute intervals to my room light.

I also let it adjust every week.

Monitor calibration is very important, especially if you are doing your own printing. I calibrate once a month using the X-Rite i1 display Pro that came with my NEC monitor.
guess im just lucky with my monitor:) i have never had it calibrated. but then again i get all my prints done professionaly so maybe it would be different if i printed my own shots.

I purchased the Spyder3Pro as well.  I get a much better color match to my printer however I do notice my monitor randomly changes tones.  Anybody experience this?

Probably a stupid question, but can anyone hazard a guess as to how close the displays for devices such as smart phones, which can't readily be calibrated, are factory set to the kind of standard achieved with monitor calibrating devices such as ColorMunki and Datacolor Spyder?


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