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Just did a search on the internet and some of my images appeared...

Is this allowed?  www.myshutterspace appeared under the images and my 'signature' had not been removed.It was just by chance that I discovered this , quite gobsmacked to be honest. 

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Did a Google image search using your name and found a lot of your work turning up in results from, which is selling prints and so on of your work. If you have no arrangement with them, then this is a serious copyright violation.

No Mark that site is ok .What I did was a search for a particular subject and then looked at images of that subject.My images were among many others shown and I couldn't see any reference to copyright , only that they came from this site.

Hi Michael, thanks for the message. As I mentioned in my reply, it looks like regular search bot indexing from yahoo! The content of this site is in the public domain, so the images, tags and titles are liable to be indexed. This isn't actually a bad thing, as it helps to get our work 'out there'. The copyright notice for the images that show up in the search results should be somewhere on the site from which the the images have been found and to which the search results are linked.

Always a good idea to add a copyright notice to the metadata of the image i.e. add '©YEAR YOUR NAME. All rights reserved.' into 'Properties' when you right-click on the image file.

Good reminder though - I'll be adding a copyright notice to my profile page too. Copyright is something we have to keep an eye on ourselves, so it's usually a good idea to search our own images every now and then to see how they are showing up in the listings, and it would help reveal instances of infringement.

If I understood right, google does indexing? I read briefly on that subject someone had made similiar observations. I'll see if I can find that.

Yes, Google does indexing but the premiums they charge to have your site boosted in the listings is big business for them, so non-premium sites get pushed down. I expect the images from this site will be further down on Google, unless links to specific images here  have been placed on other sites that are high in their listings. Sometimes I boost my photos here by sending out links on Twitter, which registers them in the search bot results from Twitter and improves their chances of showing up in search engines.

<cough> So it nice and simple.

Thanks I understand now,was just surprised in my ignorance. M

You're more famous than you know, Michael!

Mark, I don't quite understand all that but this was posted on group on fb. Would that pertain to Michaels' question?

How does Google index images?

Yes, it deals with the general issue, though was written for webmasters (already dealing with Google) who want the images from their sites to appear higher up in the Google search results.

Hi M google does show images from different sites were on I did a google on myself and found me however I did another search and one of my pics turned up under someone else I know for sure it was my pic did not look for my signing though the pic was an early one I did so that's how I knew that's why I try to have a bit of stamp in doing the pic recognized as my quirk.


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