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hello everyone. I´ve experience some random troubles sometime ago but only now I realize the real motive of the random. When I photgraph with apertare range till f12 or f15 nothing happens, but if I use the limit f22 I get a picture with a lot of dark spots everywere. Anybody know the reason for that?

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Is you lens clean? I sometimes get a vertical line in the same place. It doesn't always happen, though.
These are "flare spots" caused by shooting into the sun.
I don't think that these are what Samurai is talking about.
Samurai, it looks like your sensor has some tine specks of dust on it. Do not attempt to clean the sensor yourself if you have not done it before. The sensor is very sensitive. It would be best cleaned by expert hands. Hope you are able to clear the issue soon.
Samurai, These are probably dust spots.
Try a google search or try here
I saw the pics, Sorry, Please correct me if i'm wrong. To me it looks like the dirts come from your lens. If you said it does not happen with different aperture, Try shoot with the aperture that you said giving you problem in some other objects not to the sky. May be it is not the aperture. From my experience in videography and post production. lenses happen to show up dirts when you shoot in a bright sky. When we check the video camera lens before the shoot date, It seems to be normal, We tested on indoor, it has no dirt. Once the camera lens is expose to bright light coming in direct to the lens, you will see them. So try my recommendation, Use the same aperture to shoot the sky and then dont change aperture and shot things that no direct light coming into the lens. Or, another solution to make sure is, using different lens with the same aperture and try to shoot the sky again. same problem happen, Your digital sensor must have problem already and you need to sent it back to the manufacturer.
Dust spots on the sensor. You can buy cleaners and do it yourself - but you need to be careful. To stop dust getting on to the sensor, do this when changing lenses:

1 Turn the camera off - this reduces the static charge on the sensor.
2 Ensure you're in a dust free environment.
3 Point the camera downwards (so the lens is pointing to the floor).
4 Remove and replace the lenses whilst the camera is still pointing downwards.

BTW - It's not dust on the lens as this does not affect the image.
I´ve tryed to open the mirror and blow the sensor, I think it improved in 1 or 2 spots... I think it´s really DUST on the sensor...
It is dust on the sensor, something usual with DSLRs but how usually do you shoot with aperture f22?
Not very often... that´s why I only find out now...
If we'll check any DSLR at f22 it is very possible to find dust on any sensor of these. It is something we can't do anything about it. Even the best dust cleaning systems only limit the dust without fully eliminate it. Only if the dust is visible and annoying during normal use, try to clean it by yourself or better by an authorized service.
I have the same spots. You might have to take it to a professional to get it cleaned. Try cleaning it yourself and if that doesn't work, then you might have to take it to a pro. can post process it out....I haven't send mine because I'm always using my camera...but I just deal with it...and it seems to be going away...You probably got either water or some dust in your camera. Good Luck!


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