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I have personally felt offended by some images posted by one of the members here and I request the administration to take notice of that...I may be wrong at judging it but can some body plz explain to me as if posting of nude pictures is allowed or not...

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Rule 2 under rules and the left of home page...

Hello Juanita, I knew it was a rule but still some dare to post the nude pictures over this site...Don't know what to say...I thinkAdministration must moderate the posts in order to keep it free from such posts...

well, rule 2 is pretty vague as far whether its all nudity or just explicit nudity. i would think that explicit nudity would refer to nudity that is done in a pornographic manner vs an artistic type photo. seeing as though the rule says "no explicit nudity" i would take from that some nudity is ok as long as its not done in a way that would not be perceived as pornographic. i could be wrong though, but  if they don't allow any nude shots then the rule should say "absolutely no nudity". but as a photographer you should be aware that many photographers take nude photos in an artistic way and they should not be censored simply because of nudity however there should be a safe setting so that they can be avoided by people who would be offended by them. 

Thank you Shawn for your reply...I second your opinion of developing a safe setting free of any type of nudity...I wish admin would take this seriously!

well, i've only seen a few photos on this site that have any nudity and those that i have seen i couldn't call explicit. i guess the best thing to do is use caution when searching photos and be aware that they are out there...its still safer searching images here than on google images. while i don't shoot nudes i'm also not offended by them but, thats just me everyone is different

Are you talking about the pics on page 4? Whats so offensive about them? They are done very nicely and done in a nice soft effect!!
Just because you dont like that kind of photo doesnt mean that they should be taken down.
As Shawn has already said it would be different of they were done in some sort of pornographic way.
At what stage is it not called nude in your eyes? If she was showing 3/4 of her leg or bellybutton, would that be ok??


Hello all, if you don't mind, I would like to say that I don't want to waste my time in any such discussions.....I just wanted a clarification of whether such photography is allowed on this site or not as per the rule number 2 of the guide lines of this site...any body has the right to ask questions and I also asked a question to clear my confusion that is it.....thank you all for your reply...

I went looking for the supposed offensive photos. I guess in some way I was looking to be offended and shocked at what I saw. I never found anything offensive though. I found a few very tasteful frames showing mono images of a woman. They are very well lit and posed with no vulgarity or sexual pornography implied.  To say that you were "personally" offended implies that the intent of the images being posted was to intentionally hurt you, I cant imagine that is the case. My guess is that you and the photographer probably dont even know one another so no personal intent could have been there.

I understand that different cultures have different view points on the artistic interpretation of nearly all art forms, however when you choose of your own free will to join a multi-cultural website to enjoy the multi-cultural art from around the world it seems a bit rude to ask the rest of the world to change to your views rather than embracing the many different interpretations of our craft. Joining MSS was not something forced upon you, it was something you opted into of your own free will just as the rest of us. Asking for a "safe" button for something that offends you would be asking for many safe buttons to please each of the members. I personally am very put off by smoking, does this mean I get a safe button to filter out all images that contain smoking?

Thank you Brad for the clarification and I understand that on a multi cultural website one should expect to find any art of any taste but was confused about the difference between nudity and explicit nudity and had no intention in any case to embarass any body with my comments....and yes I know that I have joined this website of my own will but I think asking questions to clear the confusion is every body's right....

Brad, most photography websites have a filter of some sort to filter out mature content, thats more what i'm referring to rather than people being offended by a particular type of photo, i have small kids in my house that sometimes like to look over my shoulder as i would imagine that many people have. nude photos on MSS are however almost nonexistent so unless there is an explosion of them for what ever reason i think MSS is fine the way it is. as it stands i'm very capable of filtering out the content on this site without any issues, however there are sites that i go to like model mayhem where the safe mode setting is almost a must have if my kiddos are home because i simply don't want my kids to see those type of photos until they are old enough. all that being said being on any photography website or any site for that matter is a matter of personal choice and if i'm not comfortable with the way that it currently is i can choose not to be part of that community. but i really like this community so i think i'll stay, because i think it would be hard to find another photography site that has more courteous members.

Hello all, I would like to stick to the point about the rule number 2.....If the site has a rule of some sort, then it must be followed in its true spirit... Blaming others of being rude or questioning their reaction towards any kind of photo is not a very healthy way of clearing the confusion...can any body please explain to me what makes any nude photo an "explicit nude photo"???

Explicit nudity
this is a level of nudity that is somewhat less than what would be considered pornographic. The term "explicit" means that you will be asked to reveal your genitals fully. or that the genitals are completely exposed in a photo, some would consider certain types of poses explicit but its somewhat of a broad term that is subject to interpratation by the photographer or the viewer. but in general an explicit nude photo is one that shows  the nude person with all of their genital areas exposed fully . hope this helps. Vasim, i'm not sure that on the internet that it is  possible to filter all  nudity. and I'm not aware of any photography websites that absolutely forbid all nude photos as it is a huge part of the photographic art community and industry. I totally understand your feelings if your are offended by nude photography but as a photographer myself i do respect those that choose nude photography as an art form and I would not want those people to be censored on a site like this. 


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