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I was just wondering how many of you decided to make Photography a Hobby or even a Career. Me ? i Started back in 2010 because that's the year i got my first DSLR. But the thing that encouraged me to ask my parents to buy a Camera is back in the Summer of 2010. My uncle went home from Ireland and he has his own DSLR. The first time i used his camera. I immediately Fell in Love with Photography. So i immediately went to youtube and studied Photography all by myself, no mentors. But the real thing that kept me attached to Photography is that i'm able to Capture Priceless Moments of People's Lives through Photography. 

I shared mine, What's Your Story ? 

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Hi Kurt... my beginnings were due to my best friend wanting to learn photography and dragged me along to a course! I actually loved it (dark room times back then) and have continued it as a hobby, sometimes as a paying 'hobby' too. I took myself along to a local camera club and have learnt from the more experienced along with my own dabblings. I love travel photography, my motto is 'capture the moment' and my passion are people shots. I am fortunate to travel a fair bit and love the opportunities to be accepted into many cultures.

 Recently, my dream has come true.... to have an image published in a National Geo book which was released this Oct.. Visions of Earth! (page 324 if you get chance to view so I guess I have come a long way from my blase approach to photography, thanks to my best friend! :)

Wow, Congratulations on making it to the "Big Guns" when it comes to Photo Collections like the one that Nat Geo Has.

Thankyou :) not sure how to top that but had my 15 mins of fame!

I was an art teacher in California and decided I wanted to go on an adventure.  I moved to Wyoming, and there is not alot to do in wyoming.  I took up Photography and loved it.  I cant imagine not having my camera with me.  I only wish I had picked it up alot sooner.

i found my grandfather's old voightlander vito b, no lightmeter, the only focusing aid was guessing, i put in a roll of 35mm colour neg, 5 years later i was president of my local photographic society ! happy christmas   :>)

All my life on I loved watching any kind of pictures and I was wondering how did they have been captured !!

by the time I started to search online about DSLR cameras and watch videos on youtube to learn how to use it and voila I decided to buy mine and take it with me everywhere  and for my good fortune I met my Prince charming one day and he was w photographer too :D and he taught me a lottttttt about photography ^_^

i thougt always that photography was nothing special and once went to the exhibition. i saw the portrayt of the woman with a hose on her head done in artistic manner. and this mix of hose the woman and the manner of expression made me understand "yes it is a thing".. so then i was inspired:)

This question has been asked a lot and i've always been tempted to respond everytime. The personal nature of my entrance into all things photography probably put me off. I'm not sure why i'm choosing now but here goes anyway.


In february 2009 my daughter Grace was born. Within a day we knew something wasn't as it should be. On day 2 we were told there was something seriously wrong with her, and the barrage of tests started. At just over 2 weeks old (the longest 2 weeks of my life) she had an MRI scan. I still remember the day we were passed to our oncologist, being told they'd found a mass in her brain. The word cancer didn't come into our heads at first. The MRI showed she had what we were told was an aggressive high grade brain stem tumour. She was too young, and the tumour the wrong kind, for surgery. chemo wouldn't work without radiotherapy and radiotherapy is never given to babies. We were, in gentle terms, told to go home and enjoy our Daughter for the few weeks we had left with her. I still have my first sick note from the doctors citing my reason for being off work as 'terminal baby daughter', and still remember my reaction when i read it. I almost broke down there and then.. Finally it sunk in that our daughter had cancer and that she was going to die.

2 weeks later while shopping with a mate, I walked in to a well known UK camera shop and decided then that i was going to buy an SLR and get some nicer photographs of her than my current point and press could manage. I had no money, i bought the cheapest SLR i could find, a Sony A200, kit lens and bag and got it on finance. I went home and snapped away, and snapped away, and snapped away some more. I was on the sick for 5 months and during that time i photographer her and my elder son thousands of times. I read about aperture, shutter speed, ISO, I shot, i read, i shot, i read. And i made lots of mistakes and took lots of bad photos. By the time i went back to work i was hooked.  That was the beginning of my photography journey and I have my very own Amazing Grace to thank for that. I'm now doing paid weddings and will be starting a business in the new year.

Grace was given an MRI 6 weeks later, a scan we were soon to find out the doctors never expected her to see. She was 8 weeks old. We were led into a room to wait with Grace afterwards, expecting to be given more bad news. We were surprised the consultant was in our room within half an hour of the MRI being finished, we were surprised she was happy and smiling. She told us that in an almost unheard of set of circumstances, Grace's tumour was measurabley smaller than it was 6 weeks earlier. Grace had quite severe disabilities caused by the tumour, but as a baby that just eats and sleeps it was hard for us to notice them, and any improvement in them. But our consultant had noticed and had an incline that her tumour may regress but couldn't say that to us as it was a billion to one chance. We were scanned regularly for the next 12 months, each time being told her tumour was smaller than before. As the weeks and months went on, her disabilities lessened, she became more and more herself each day. Although it took many many months to feel safe and not like we could still lose her at any minute, that day was the best day of my life and one i'll be thankful for forever. We never really got our heads round how amazing this was, she was just our Grace. But there are internationally only a handful of reported cases of new borns with brain stem tumours and even less again where they went into remission. She really is one in a billion.

Xmas is special for everyone but if you've ever came close to losing your child, you will know how special these moments are for us. In February we will be there for her to celebrate her 4th birthday as a normal, healthy (albeit very small and petite) little girl who is cheeky, funny and mischevious. I'll be there with my camera in hand to record the day like I do with every other event in the lives of my kids. I had a tattoo done to remind me of the lessons i learnt during that experience, and how we should never take life for granted. I am howevever, reminded daily when i pick up my camera... 

So there's my story, i'm sorry if it's longwinded and mabye a little too personal, but i've found writing it quite comforting, even though i have a tear in my eye. Those days are a long way in the past and yet still painful to recall. Thank you for reading and I hope if nothing else, it reminds you to enjoy what you can while you still can, and not when it's too late. And if anyone is really curious, you can find pics of my gorgeous little girl and her handsome older brother amongst my photos on MSS.

I am happy to read your story and very glad for you.  Yes it is very theriputic (ok spelt wrong, lol) and helps you. Each child is special in their own way and to capture it in a picture makes everyone remember.         

That was a beautiful story, John - thanks for sharing.

wow! powerful story.  You've been blessed.  Cherish each moment

I honestly can't remember what brought me to photography, it has been a hobby for many many years,  20 + , lol    I can remember buying my first camera and that was a Zenith SLR, and I still have it and the lenses, but then moved on to a Canon EOS 600, then moved onto my  Canon D400, and with that one was able to use the lenses bought for the 600...  I have done 3 weddings in the past, 1 on the 600 and two on the D400.....  


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