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Hello! My name is Emman Espartero, 18 yrs old from Bacolod City, Philippines
I love to take Pictures. . . and i want to be a Professional Photographer someday. But its quite impossible because my parents dont believe in a success of a Photographer. They want me to be a PHARMACIST. I enrolled in a Pharmacy School, and i got bored! Sometimes i never attend the class. Id rather take shots of people wandering around the university than to focus on something that im not interested. But instead of giving up, Im still developing my photography skills to show my mom and dad that its AWESOME to be a PHOTOGRAPHER. :D 
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Sample Shot.. Many Images to be uploaded soon.

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So why skip school to photograph?

As far as I know, it must be a lot of interesting things to photograph at school. And it will not be years of wasted time, if you do as good as you can. To change your mind, will make school more interesting. School will train you and give you a lot of skills.

Mathematics, patience, language, hard work, your character is built - also as a photographer. Being stubborn can work in two ways, for you or against you. Skipping school, instead of working with "what you have", provides only temporary satisfaction.


Hi Emmanuel....I share your love of photography and while I wish you the utmost success in it, I would still finish my university courses to become a Pharmacist.  It takes many years to build up a commercial photography business...could be 30+ years before you make some decent money.  In those years, you have to really hustle to prove yourself to build and maintain your clientele.  It's a 24/7 job.  You will always have something to fall back on should you not be as successful with your photography as you thought you would be.  It is a highly competitive business.  Think about this decision very carefully.  IRL.

They already changed their mind when i won in an on-the-spot photocontest and soon ill be going to Manila,Philippines to compete against Photographers around the Philippines for the Nationals. I wasnt expecting anything until i heard they're calling my name that i WON as a Champion. My parents want me to be happy with what i want, so in these term i will taking Bachelor of Arts in Photography. 

Wow. Good for you.


well, this is a FABULOUS pic..I really love it...talent indeed....:) x


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