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Is it just me or is this site becoming adminless, I have noticed as others have a lack of intrest for the host of this site, if he can't be bothered people will move to the multitude of other sites.  Some feedback from Paul I think it is would be nice.


It would be a shame as I like this site but it is morphing into another forgotten site on the web.

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I think it's been said on the Dilemma post that the admin is probably very busy. In the meantime, the active members can step up and help the best they can, like John did with the photo thief.

Yeah maybe, then perhaps he should nominate some moderators maybe from a few time zones, that way he is taking the workload off himself and the site continues to be monitored for abuse plagarisim etc.

That crossed my mind as well.  :(  ... about Paul that is

Hi guys, thank you all for your concern.

I'm still pretty much alive administrating the site, otherwise this site would have hundred of spammers joining the site each week.  Since currently I have a limited time to go online, so my goal for the site at the moment is to keep the site clean from spammers and take action ASAP when there is report on members violating our rules & guidelines. 

We also have a plan to bring the POTD back in March and have a monthly photo theme competition in June.

Again, thank you all for the concerns, enjoy the site and please do sitemail me and create a new thread on our 'Wall of Shame' discussion when you find any  members violating our rules & guidelines.


Glad to hear you are doing well.

  ...Very pleased to see your reply :)

Glad to see your still with us :)


The recent Sharmila/Daviid Cotello episode is another reason why there is an urgent need for the appointment of time zoned monitors on this site; if they'd been in place things would never have escalated to the point were a number of female members received sexual explicit comments on their profile pages.

Thanks Mark, I think we can all agree we certainly don't want a repeat of that episode anytime soon.

as someone fairly new, I would like to know what has gone bad about this site? It is enjoyable even with a few trolls now and then. Why specifically did people leave and what was better in the good old days?

Who's Paul?

As the admin obviously read these posts, perhaps they would appriciate help in managing the site, although I have to say I am not offering as I for one do not have the commitment.  However I am sure other members would welcome the chance to help. 



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