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hi everyone back after a while.

i am about to buy a new body just do not know witch one i want reason for this is my a230 has took a beating looks like it came out of a war lol.

a65 is 900$ for the body a77 is 1400$ for the body just dont know if the a65 will do it for me 

thanks Travis 

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Travis, that's indeed a very valid question...

For myself, I am owning an A77 since last November (along with a vertical grip and the excellent 16-50 f/2.8 "kit" lens) and I have been out on safari shooting with that camera (on a 70-400mm G lens). I also had my A850 full frame on that trip.

The A77 is an excellent camera, I was (err... still am) quite amazed by its performance.

Whatever your decision will be, the upgrade from your A230 will be huge...

The A65 is in fact practically identical to the A77 except for a few features. Have a look on the internet (just google A65 vs A77), I liked this review: Luminous Landscape A65 first impressions

The main missing features that would have mattered to me would have been the rugged and weather sealed body (and I like a bit bulkier, heavier cameras), the dual scrolling wheel, the improved AF, the possibility to memorize camera settings configurations, the joystick (knowing most of those from my A850) as well as the higher flexibility of the LCD screen (after having used it...).

Now it will up to you to know if you really have the need for those few more features (weather sealing is nice... but do you have a weather sealed lens?), maybe hold both in your hands, before choosing either. Some reviews really were calling the A65 really underrated compared to the A77, fitting the needs of most photographers. With the difference in price tag, you could buy an excellent lens... (instead of the A65 100$ kit lens that seems to get hammered in reviews)

Oh... have a look at their EVF, that's really an amazing improvement over the A55. Once you are used to it, you will love it (coming from an A230 it should be miles better anyway!)

Don't worry, whatever you'll choose, you'll love it ;)

i am doing weddings as of now since they are the only thing i can get to get my name out.

so ill just have to compare them i think the a77 would be great  for weddings since the a77 can use a  vertical grip the weather sealing is some i think i need since i had my a230 sensor clean count less times thanks for the feed back


The vertical grip is indeed a difference between the A77 and A65.

I love it, and honestly... the EVF and the LCD screen tend to eat through batteries, so it comes quite handy. You charge 2 batteries into the grip and it will use them one after another (should keep you going for a very long wedding!). Eh, and doesn´t it look more professional? ;)

the vertical grip  has my eye on the 77 it may only take only 20 secs or so to change the batt but in that time it could be the shot!

It also balances out much better with the grip...

As good lenses tend to be heavy (lol, try out the 24-70 Zeiss...), I prefer heavier bodies with vertical grips to keep the whole balanced.

Try both cameras out, you´ll see what fits in your hands.

only if my budget was that high for that nice glass still need a good zoom looking at the 70-300 g series 


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