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Hi..No, I am not going to discuss copyright.

A few weeks ago I was in my City taking a shot of an old Police Car. I noticed on the wall a blue lamp. As I was about to take the photo a man approached me and told me I could not take the photo because there were kids about. I asked where and he pointed to a building. I told him it was none of his business and if he thought otherwise then ring the Police. Needless to say he did not. The implication here is that I was some kind of threat to the kids.

Later that week I went to the local Castle and was told I could not take any shots inside the museum.

What I have now discovered is that numerous people throughout Great Britain are being stopped by the Police, and others, and told to hand over cards or film as they are not allowed to take photo's. This is not in some military base but on the streets of Britain. I have also found out that an MP has put together a bill to stop the Police doing this.

My Questions are..

As a Male how do you feel when you are out and about taking shots. Have you started to feel a little bit concerned that people are seeing something that is not there?

Do you feel it is right for Museums to stop you taking photo's as I have always believed that was the purpose of the visit.

What will your reaction be if you are told you can no longer take photo's in Public Places?

Is any of this happening in your respective Countries and what can be done about it? The MP might not succeed.

Yours thelevone

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This has been a good debate and I would like to thank everyone for having their say. There has been some good points made and valuable information given which can be used in the future. At the end of the day we just want to take shots of what we see or what is our chosen subject, and I still believe a great majority of people see us as no threat to them or their family.

Once again thanks for your time and comments. thelevone.


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